1st Year IPAD Information and Tutorials

Link to Information/ Tutorials on how to use the IPAD

  • The DDLETB and Wriggle are running some training for students to help them get used to their IPADS.
  • This training is NOT essential but can help you and your student get used to the IPAD. 
  • Wriggle will have sent you a sign in for this website. You can sign into the wriggle training centre by clicking the picture to the right. Or you can click on the training schedule below. 
  • Students do NOT have their email addresses yet but will get them when they begin school. 
  • If you miss any of the sessions but want to rewatch them you can click on the link in the brochure and it will replay the session
Wriggle/DDLETB IPAD Training Sessions Monday 23rd of August to Friday 27th August (Click picture above)