First Year in ÉCC

  • A thorough supportive induction programme, Begin Again, that starts in 6th class and runs throughout 1st year. This programme offer information about the college as well as hands on experience of the options subjects through an extensive taster programme. Students will follow all the subjects for a number of weeks and then make their choice of subjects.
  • Ériu Community College provides a full range of subjects.
  • We believe that students have a say in their education and in the choices they make.
  • 1st Years 2020 are currently designing a college crest which will encapsulate our core vales of:
    • Cooperation, Tolerance & Respect, Empowerment
  • We pride ourselves in having 58-minute classes which allows for more interactive learning experiences for the students.
  • We are a no books school. We are a 1 to 1 device school. All learners have i-pads.
  • Student are explorers of their own learning in an IT driven environment.
  • We are learning to know; learning to do; learning to be; learning to live together.