Ériu CC Clanns

The Clann System is similar to a House system. On arrival in the College each student is assigned to one of the Clanns and remains a member of that Clann throughout his or her stay.

The Clann system encourages a sense of belonging and strives to eliminate the anonymity associated with the larger group. It affords each student the opportunity to contribute positively to the life of the College.

The Clanns are named in Irish after various mythical Celtic characters.

This year we have three Clanns – Clann Meadhbh, Clann Fionn and Clann Dagda.

This page will keep track of our Clanns Competition in Ériu Community College. Right now we have 3 Clanns. Rang Meabhdh, Rang Fionn and Rang Dagda. They will take part in competitions throughout the year and earn points.
Keep track of the table below to stay up to date!

School EventsClann Meabhdh PointsClann Fionn Points CLANN DAGDA Points