College Crest

Ériu CC – The Crest Meaning

It encapsulates elements of the myth of Ériu as well as encompassing some of our Celtic heritage. The central figure of the stag traditionally represents Ireland. This also reminds us of the wonderful ornate figures found in the Book of Kells, an important manuscript in the history of Ireland.

Colours represent many different things. For our crest- Green represents Ireland, growth and opportunity,

Purple represents wisdom and bravery and gold represents importance and value.

Ériu Community College Crest

The golden book represents the endless educational opportunities the college has to offer to all involved.

The green oak leaves signify the college’s place in Dublin 15. The Blanchardstown area was in the past known as Great Scaldwood and was one of the last great indigenous oak forests that covered Ireland.

The circular purple shape represents the many crescent-shaped gold lunulas, torcs and collars found in Ireland throughout history. These distinctively Irish cultural forms/shapes influenced European art and date from as far back as 2300 BC. The circular purple torc on our crest is a symbol of learning and wisdom.

The entire crest sits on a gold banner with the Irish words “Ag obair as láimhe a céile,” which means working together. This phrase influences all our relationships and interactions in the college.

When we wear our crest on our uniform, we are linked to Irish history and we are challenged by the high expectations set for us.