Incoming First Year’s Information

Eriu Community College ran an information evening on the 23rd of January to provide information to all students and parents joining us in September 2024. Below is a list of some of the items discussed in the presentation:

  • An overview of some general information such as the schools core values and vision, the school uniform, the school day and core subjects that each student will do. 
  • A break down of all the subject options available to our students in first year. 
  • A summary of the guidance counselling services within the college.
  • A run through of all the extra curricular activities that are run in the college.
  • Information about key dates and estimated costs for the student IPAD and ebooks that will be required.
  •  Click on the image below to view the slides from the presentation from the night. 
Click here to view the slides from the incoming first years virtual information evening